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Now What?!

On the evening of September 1st, all SAT students received an extremely unexpected email from Collegeboard. The Collegeboard decided that starting from September and until at least June 2021, all SAT tests in Egypt are cancelled!

As soon as this email was sent, all SAT students and instructors went into shock and disbelief, as they have been preparing and working hard for the exam. The Collegeboard’s decision left us all with unanswered questions floating in our minds, like: How will American Diploma students get into university? Do we have no future? Is there a plan B? NOW What?!

Well, the answers to all of these questions are down below. Today we will be talking about why the SAT exams are cancelled, will they be cancelled forever, how the class of 2021 will apply to university and what the ACTs are.

First of all, why did all of this happen? Some people may think they cancelled the exam due to the global pandemic that’s happening right now, but they actually cancelled it because of the various “mafias” that have leaked the test several times in return for money which makes Collegeboard lose its integrity and purpose.

Therefore, Collegeboard decided to cancel the test in Egypt, until they could computerize the test and enable students to take it online instead of on paper, which would immensely decrease the number of people leaking the exam. So that means the SAT isn’t banned from Egypt forever? Yes, all students graduating after 2021 will have the chance to take the SAT.

How do we apply to university? Usually, you would use your SAT score and GPA to apply to university. If you’re graduating in 2021 and you already achieved the score that you want, you can easily apply for university using that score. What if you haven’t yet achieved the score you want and were depending on the next SAT trials?

It is now official that all universities in Egypt will be accepting ACT scores instead of SAT. The ACT exam is very similar to the SAT exam, they have a couple of differences, like for example the SAT has 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Math with a calculator, and Math without a calculator, while the ACT has 4 sections: English, Math with a calculator, Reading and Science.

The ACT is a computerized test, while the SAT is on paper. There are other differences, but if you want to read about that in detail you can head to our other blog: “ACT vs SAT” or you can join our ACT orientation webinar.

First of all. You should register for the ACT test, to register for the test you go to their official website: and you sign up and register for the test date that is suitable for you. After registering for the test, you start preparing and you start being introduced to the curriculum, our certified ACT instructors could help you with that.

To help prepare for your exam, you can start answering an ACT practice test to assess yourself and find out your level (a full ACT practise test is inserted below). After assessing your level, our instructors will be more than happy to come up with a study plan for you and help you ace your ACT exam in no time. After finishing your exam and receiving your scores, you will send the scores to your desired university. This may be new to all American diploma students, but once you set your goal, nothing can stop you and Tyro will be with you every step of the way. Good luck to all of you and we hope to see you in our ACT orientation webinar.

Practice test link:

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