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The ministry of higher education announced and approved the ACT exam as an admission test for both private and public universities inside Egypt.

ACT Exam in Egypt:

Important announcements were declared, but let us first know what the ACT exam is. ACT, also known as the American college test, is a standardized, content-based test used for college admissions. The test covers 4 multiple-choice sections, which are English, Maths, Science, and reading, with an optional writing section.

The total time of the test is 2h and 55min without the writing section and 3h and 55min with writing section you can also check for further details about each section.

The average score of the 4 sections lies between 1-36, with an ability to enter the test up to 7 times. Unlike the SAT test, the ACT exam is available in February, April, June, July, September, October, and December, with a registration deadline of 5-6 weeks before the test date. For further information about the test, it is recommended to visit

Egypt is known for classifying higher institutions/universities into either scientific or literary and the following section is going to briefly discuss the requirements in both cases in order to apply for either a private or a public university.

For literary universities, students are requested to undergo the ACT test with the three sections: English, Reading, and mathematics. It is recommended to refer back to the university to ensure whether the writing section is also required or not. On the other side, if the student is willing to get enrolled in a scientific university (other than engineering and medical-related universities), students are requested to undergo the science section in the ACT exam, too.

For scientific universities (engineering and medical-related), the student is required to undergo a Subject Test that grants them the eligibility to join the university, which is quite equivalent to the SAT2 exam. Moreover, if the student is applying for a Subject test, they are not required to undergo the Science section in the ACT exam.

Students are also eligible to choose between, ACT exam and its equivalent, SAT1, and between the Subject Test and its equivalent, SAT2. You can also check the key differences between SAT and ACT at www.studypoint/ed/act-vs-sat/

Finally, the higher education institution declared that ACT tests are held online at the eligible ACT test centers. Usually, tests are held on Fridays and Saturdays according to the announced tests’ schedules and scores are to be announced within 4 days from taking the test.

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