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Every Thing you need to learn about ACT

Being prepared requires time and effort but it reduces the risk! Here are some tips that may help you through your ACT exam journey.

#Practice makes perfect!

ACT exams are typically equivalent to SAT exams but that does not mean you do not have to practice! You have to keep into consideration that it’s a new experience and you need to know what to expect. You can consider getting The Official ACT Prep Guide for further information! 

#Know before you go!

As mentioned here*Check The ACT Exam In Egypt article*, you have to refer back to the university you are applying for to determine whether to undergo the science and writing sections or not!

#Attend sessions regularly!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, everything became online-based and now you can attend your sessions wherever you are! Either you are enrolled in an instructor’s sessions or still looking, you can now check Tyro’s instructors for a better experience in online learning.

#Book your calendar!

Test days are crucial and you cannot reschedule, unless it is an emergency and you have not broken the seal on the test, yet! So, make sure to book a date that best suits you and register by a minimum of 5-7 weeks before the test.

#Checklist your things!

Prepare a checklist of what you need to bring for the test. Make sure to have: 

–       Your ticket (printed). 

–       Photo identification. (ID or passport)

–       Facemask. 

–       Permitted calculator.

–     A Snack. 

And do not forget to turn off your phone and leave it in your bag, dress comfortably, and arrive -at least- 40 minutes before the test timing.

#Sleep well!

You have to sleep well the day before the test, studying until the middle of the night won’t help. Do not let your thoughts hunt you and let you lose your efforts for nothing.

#Be positive!

Your psychological state is important, try to stick around people that grant you help and a motivating environment to study and keep going! Try not to lose interest because as much as you exert effort, you will get rewarded.

#Be updated.

Make sure to follow a trusted source of information to keep up to date with the news about ACT exams.

Good luck!

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